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Japanese Style Acupuncture focuses on the root cause of a person's health issues.  The treatment goal is to assist your body's capacity to heal itself by strengthening any weaknesses in organ meridians, to unblock any stagnation of blood or energy, and to relax muscles.  Sterile, micro-fine, filaments of surgical grade steel, are superficially placed on acupuncture points to give the body signals to heal itself.

Acupuncture points and meridians correspond to the circulatory and lymphatic systems.  They are also located on or close to motor points that are used to quickly relax muscles.

 Moxibustion/Gua sha

Chinese Herbs and Supplements

A special combination of high quality Chinese Medicinals are chosen for each individual's condition, as needed,  The person's health is improved by giving the body what it needs to thrive.  The herbs are taken as a tea, by the spoonful or in capsule form.  Careful consideration is taken in order to avoid any interactions with your prescription medication

Blood testing, urine testing and stool samples are available for patients to get a snapshot of their overall health.  High quality supplements, which are based on research, are provided to support health. 

Occupational Therapy

Lymphatic Drainage, Theta Healing, Reiki, Breathing Techniques





What to Expect:

Initial Consultation: 1.25 hours 

  • Tongue Evaluation
  • Pulse Diagnostics
  •  Acupuncture treatment
  • Herbal, Supplement, or Exercise Recommendations
  • Cupping, Moxa or Gua Sha as needed
  • Plan for course of treatment
  •  Educational materials


Follow-Up Consultations: 1 hour

  •     Tongue Evaluation
  •     Pulse Diagnostics
  •     Acupuncture treatment
  •     Herbal, Supplement, or Exercise  Recommendations
  •     Cupping, Moxa or Gua Sha as needed

“After suffering years from a shoulder injury, Mikaila performed acupuncture on my shoulder, and within 2 days of treatment my pain had dramtically decreased and my range of motion had increased.  Thank you, Mikaila for the skilled, compassionate care you provide."

Barbara Eck

"Mikaila's acupuncture and energy healing have raised the bar for healing work (for me).  I can still remember the permeating and lasting relief I experienced after her work. I genuinely felt cared for. I've been to many healers and still am not as satisfied with their results as I was with Mikaila. This is my new standard for healing work.  Mikaila is very well informed and authentic with her practice.  (She) thoroughly talked with me about (the treatment).  I recommend her over any other healer." 


Moxibustion:  Rice grain size pieces or cones of ultra purified mugwort  (artemesia moss) are burned on top of your skin and extinguished when heat is sensed.  This technique gently and quickly  activates acupuncture points, decreases inflammation,  warms up cold areas of the body, treats insomnia, moves stagnant blood from injuries, surgeries, or disease processes, strengthen's your body's immune system  and relaxes muscles with a deep, soothing heat (deeper than ultrasound).  Moxa is also burned on top of a filament in order to achieve therapeutic results. 


Gua sha is a tremendously effective technique of Chinese Medicine that releases blood and Qi stagnation in the body.  The practitioner gently scrapes the skin with a sterile implement.  Research indicates an improved immune response, decreased inflammation and increased blood flow up to 5 days after treatment. When non-bruising gua sha is given on the face, it reduces wrinkles and enhances a healthy glow by improving blood circulation.

This therapy supports patients who have experienced illnesses, developmental challenges, surgeries, and injuries.  The therapist introduces exercises, adaptive equipment, and individualized treatment plans to help people to adapt to changes in their health.  Therapists measure people for wheelchairs, recommend  home/work adaptations for specific needs and to prevent repetitive injuries,  and fabricate hand splints.  Increasing quality of life and independence with the tasks of daily living are emphasized.

Sensory integration therapy  is a simple, yet pleasurable treatment which helps people who are very sensitive to touch, sounds, and textures to become more comfortable with these stimuli. The Central Nervous System becomes normalized over time.

Lymphatic Drainage: The direction of lymph flow is felt by the practitioner's hands.  A gentle skin stretch is then performed to restore proper lymph flow and reduce edema.   The patient remains clothed and lies comfortably on her/his back.  This therapy supports the immune system, eliminates toxins, decreases pain, swelling, fascia tightness, breaks up scar tissue and improves healing after surgery.  Most people find the procedure very relaxing and nurturing. Mikaila has successfully practiced this for 13 years. MD's have referred people to her whose kidneys are too weak to handle diuretics.

Theta Healing: In this modality, the practitioner quickly goes into a Theta brain wave to address the client's unconscious self-defeating beliefs. New thought patterns are introduced to help the individual to achieve her/his goals.  In this technique, pain and anxiety can be decreased. Physical, mental and emotional well-being are enhanced.

Reiki and Breathing Techniques: Promote relaxation, foster emotional and physical wellness and improve the patient's ability to breathe deeply and fully in all areas of her/his chest.

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